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Switchboards & Mains Upgrades

As our desire for more and more technology increases we are finding the average home is demanding more and more power. For many homes this results in the existing electrical wiring becoming inadequate and the electrical wiring into the home or ‘consumer mains’ as it is known will require replacement.

The switchboard is the main hub of the electrical installation. Currently many homes have the old style fuse boxes installed with the re-wirable fuses. These fuses are nowhere near as reliable and safe as modern circuit breakers and should be upgraded as soon as possible. The Territory also has many new style circuit breaker switchboards installed from 1975 onwards. Most of these switchboards do not have RCD(safety switch) protection.

RMD Electrical Services has performed many upgrades of various switchboard to allow the installation to exceed current electrical standards. We only use the highest quality circuit protection to make sure they surpass the harsh Territory conditions we live in providing our customers with many years of reliability.

Mains cable upgrades are often required to cope with the demands of everyday home expansion and if the current mains cables have reached its capability the switchboard and existing cables can overheat causing safety issues including risk of fire. RMD Electrical Services can offer a complete solution ensuring your house has the best electrical load capability’s to handle any upgrades and any future electrical expansion you require.

Please contact us to arrange a safety inspection of your home so you can make sure you and your family are as electrically safe as possible.


How to tell the Difference - Safety switches are an integral part of an electrical installation. The job of the safety switch is to protect the user of the electrical appliance, and not the wiring or installation itself, as a circuit breaker does. On the front of the safety switch there is always a test button labelled test. A common circuit breaker does not have this.

RMD Electrical Services  can supply and install a safety switch to current standards in any installation from an old fuse box to an industrial switchboard.

It is vital that your home/office has a safety switch on at least the power and light circuits. However, protecting all circuits is highly recommended.

Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and if a problem is found which may pose a risk to personal safety, it will turn the power off within 0.30 of a second.

Contact us for more info or to book a safety inspection on your premises. This will ensure your electrical installation is safe and up to current standards.